Saturday, July 2, 2011


You know what? I've passed my final exams, I finished high school! Awesome.

"Today, I'm not going anywhere but home and sit my ass down next to the phone. It's a miracle that this rhymes. Phonecall."
I posted this on Facebook that day and that was exactly what I did.

I had to wait for a long time, wasn't nervous at all.. strange, I know. And finally around 4 'o clock I received my important phone call. I pick up the phone, feeling some tension at this specific moment. I heard a voice speaking, it was my mentor. He first asked if I was listening to my mp3, I was like: "No? What?" He continued by saying: "Well then you can hear exactly what I'm about to tell you now, because you've passed!" A big smile appeared on my face and my mum started to scream. Great, I couldn't hear a thing anymore. When she finally shushed, my mentor read on my grades. Shocked about some grades I kept on smiling. I did better than I expected, although it wasn't that good.. But hey, who cares? I'm done!

Look at me smiling at this very special moment in my life. I accomplished something that's important for my future.

Hell yeah.

Had to open up the champagne, didn't work out this way. Noobish ~

Yes, yes that's not a fake smile, I swear.. Waiting to own that catwalk and pick up my diploma.

Walking this damn catwalk, didn't hear a eff what the man was saying about me. I just started to wave.

It was a nice day and we all enjoyed it, appreciating that we've passed and that we don't have to come back to this school. Although I don't want to come back to this school anymore, I will miss all the people out there. I spend five years of my life here and met many new people and had good and bad memories here. That doesn't mean I will forget about all this.