Tuesday, August 16, 2011

All I need is you. «3

♬ I have a new addiction. This song called 'Only Yours' who is sung by Rock City, also known as R. City. I don't know why actually, but I'm listening to this song on repeat 24/7 since monday, I guess. I think it's really relaxing and chill to listen to and it makes me feel good. It has something that keeps my ears wanting to hear the sounds and voices of that song and I have no idea why.

Rock City has more nice songs, for example I really like 'Forgive Me', a beautiful and emotional song. You should check this song out, as well. Of course check out Rock City themself.

Two brothers that are an U.S. Virgin Islands R&B singing, rapping and songwriting duo. Timothy Thomas, born in 1984 and Theron Thomas, born in 1982. They also wrote several songs for other artist like Mario, Usher, Eve and Sean Kingston.